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We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Why don’t you have an Android Version of OWNA?

We’d love one! Seriously; we know over half the world uses Android, so we won’t be wasting our time in developing one. In fact, our Android team started development around the same time that we released OWNA.io on the App Store. We just needed a few happy iOS customers to prove that the investment would be worth it.

How do I know which plan is the best for me? Can I change at any time?

When you and your team complete the 30 day free trial, you should have a good idea of how many users you think you’ll be needing to use OWNA. Try to think if there are other teams in your company that could benefit from OWNA, and invite them to OWNA. Unless you’re a sole business owner, it would also make sense to invite some management and book keepers/accountants to use it.

If you need to bump up the amount of users you have, more than likely, you won’t need to pay another dollar. However, if you cross into a higher paying tier (Big Operation, or Enterprise), we’ll only charge you for the days in which you were within the higher tier.

How do I know that the information I give you is going to be protected? I spent years searching for the right suppliers, and they sometimes deliver to me when I run out of stock. There’s 2 questions here, so I’ll start with the first one.

Your data is protected by encryption, that is unable to to be hacked

The second question that relates to finding the right suppliers, and the service they give you when you run out of stock. I’m going to say two things here, 1) They want to please you as a customer because they’re either a) making a lot of money out of you, or b) are afraid of losing you to competition, or c) a mixture of the two. Depending on the relationship, it’s probably more than likely ‘a’.

There are very strong relationships between suppliers, in so far as they are happy with the trade off they get between price,service and credit terms. I delve more into this in my blog post, ‘Inequities in supply chain models, and the reduced quality for the end user’.

I’ve been cooking my whole life, and I’ve never felt the need for an app like OWNA. Call me ‘old school’! My supplier knows all the special ingredients I need to make my pizza the best in NYC.

I get down on my knees and bow down to you. Seriously! You’ve done the hard yards, and you’re a legend in my books, if you can making a living in this industry for such a long time. If you’re wholesaler knows the exact ‘white anchovies’ that you’ve been getting for a long time, than that has to count for something.

OWNA may not be for you, but it also could be just what you need to start saving some money. My advice; let one of the younger crew download the app, and let them use it FULLY. If it hasn’t saved your team member time, money and headaches I’d be really surprised. If it doesn’t work, you can just stop using it within 30 days of the free trial.

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